RH Policy

SOTULUB: A company that relies entirely on its human capital

SOTULUB’s strategy focuses on the welfare and development of employees.

It follows a modern and social HR policy that aims mainly at ensuring the development of staff skills, offering career development opportunities and developing an incentive pay policy, in an environment where social dialogue prevails.

This was made possible through the establishment of a clear, stable and transparent organization, where everyone has a well-defined and legitimate function in the company. Such clarity is the result of efforts made to modernize and boost an objective management system.


Culture and values



Towards a better quality of working life

SOTULUB has implemented several measures in order to further enhance the working conditions of its employees.

It promotes, in particular, friendly time within the company by organizing different activities that involve all employees, including creative workshops, sporting and cultural activities, etc.



Everybody’s safety is each and everyone’s priority

We place great importance on constantly monitoring the safety and health of men and women workers at SOTULUB. This of course involves the security of sites and equipment, as well as compliance with good practices, which we make sure to evaluate and improve on an ongoing basis.

  • A safety and risk prevention training (health, movements and postures).
  • The mandatory wearing of PPE (personal protective equipment), in compliance with regulations and risk management norms.
  • Raising awareness of a responsible and supportive behavior
  • Sharing information through our publications and in-house magazine.



Training: providing leverage for performance

SOTULUB seeks also to maintain and develop the skills of its employees in order to respond to strategic challenges in terms of innovation and customer satisfaction, while ensuring its digital transition.

As part of the training plan, each employee is entitled to receive one (or more) training activities per year, with a view to developing their skills and/or their career.