AKRON grease

A high-performance and multi-purpose grease.

AKRON grease is an extreme pressure grease that is highly corrosion-resistant and stable. Its exceptionality stems from its lithium-soap base and its high doping level.

It is available in several NLGI grades and different types of packaging: in 180-kilogram metal drums, 17-kilogram cans, 4.5-kilogram pails and 0.8-kilogram boxes.

SOTULUB makes sure to regularly improve its products in order to satisfy its customers.

Color Blond
Soap Lithium
NLGI Grade 2
Penetration 265 - 295
Dropping point Above 190°C
Type of base oil Mineral
Operating temperature -15 to +140 °C

Akron EP grease is used for all plain and roller-bearing mechanisms operating under severe conditions in terms of load, shock, temperature and washout. Akron EP grease is used in:

  • Industry: rolling bearings, etc.
  • Public works: hinge pins, engine lubrication, etc.
  • Mines, quarries and sandpits: rolling mill and screen bearings, crushers, shredders, etc.
  • Transport: general lubrication.
  • Oil drilling equipment: winches, heavy vehicles, hoists, etc.
  • High stability to mechanical shearing and mixing, thereby maintaining its consistency over long periods.
  • Significant resistance to washout
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Highly adhesion due to the presence of specific additives

All of the above-mentioned features make out of Akron EP grease a long-lasting lubricant that ensures a significantly high service life of mechanical components.