QSE policy

At SOTULUB, we aspire to get to know our customers to be able to serve them better, increase their satisfaction, respect the environment and ensure occupational health and safety, while complying with regulatory and legal requirements.

Our QSE (Quality Safety Environment) policy reflects the commitment of SOTULUB's leadership to establish a responsible management system in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection. Our goal is to maintain the continuous improvement of this QSE policy to guarantee its effectiveness.

Our QSE commitments provide our staff with a clear idea about the objectives to be achieved in terms of the quality of products and services offered to our clients, thereby contributing to SOTULUB's organizational efficiency.




The QSE policy stems from a strategic vision that is broken down into the following objectives:

  • Measure and increase our customers' satisfaction, while ensuring compliance with the relevant requirements of other stakeholders.
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IMS processes.
  • Develop an internal and external communication strategy aimed at improving SOTULUB's activities.
  • Develop human resources by setting a succession plan that takes into consideration the skills and knowledge required over the next five years for the effective implementation of processes.
  • Ensure greater control of the management of waste generated by the plant operations./li>
  • Improve and optimize the use of natural resources, namely water and energy.
  • Promote a healthy workplace, by reducing the risks associated with our activities: chemical, slipping and handling risks.
  • Encourage and better formalize internal and external actions likely to expand SOTULUB's social responsibility.