SOTULUB’s patent

SOTULUB holds over 40 years of expertise in the field of used mineral oil collection and regeneration. In fact, It owns a regeneration unit that initially used a Dutch KTI process whose finishing treatment required the use of bleaching earth and sulfuric acid. This caused environmental issues as it led to the contamination of soil with large quantities of oils and acid tar.

Thanks to the efforts made by SOTULUB, in collaboration with Tunisian research institutes and universities, a new process for the regeneration of used oils was introduced during the 1990s. SOTULUB was awarded two patents in 1993 and 1997 thanks to its research and development policy.

It, then, obtained its third patent in 2017, as part of its constant aspiration to enshrine a corporate culture based on excellence and steady improvement.

In fact, the management of technical processes within SOTULUB plant is ensured by a team of highly-qualified technicians in the fields of exploitation, start-up and maintenance of regeneration units. They have already received appropriate trainings and benefited from knowledge transfers.

The company staff have already proved and confirmed their expertise by piloting technology transfer operations, following the recognition of the ANTIPOL Patent. The latter has been used in Kuwait since 1998 and in France since 1999 in plants that produce 25,000 tons and more than 100,000 tons of regenerated oil per year, respectively. It is also used in Saudi Arabia in a plant whose production is estimated at 45,000 tons/year.

This patent is the fruit of the exhaustive experience and high level of expertise held by SOTULUB's staff and the great importance allocated to research and development by the managerial vision.




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