Calcium grease

SOTULUB also offers its customers calcium grease that is made out of calcium soap. This kind of grease is very adhesive, insoluble in water and suitable for lubrication in humid conditions.

One of the primary functions of grease is to contribute to an effective sealing system. Lubricating greases are very often used in contact with different forms of water: steam, emulsions, rain or more generally pressurized water jets or baths used to cool installations.

It is available in several NLGI grades and different types of packaging: in 180-kilogram metal drums, 17-kilogram cans, 4.5-kilogram pails and 0.8-kilogram boxes.

SOTULUB makes sure to regularly improve its products in order to satisfy its customers.

Color Blond
Soap Calcium
NLGI Grade 1- 2
Penetration 310 to 340 - 265 to 295
Dropping point > 100 °C
Type of base oil Mineral
Operating temperature -20 to +60°C
  • Calcium grease is suitable for lubricating universal joint shafts and rolling bearings subject to washout.
  • It can be used for lubrication at low temperatures, intense mixing and under mild environments.
  • It is also used as a demolding agent and for the protection of paint booths, industrial chimneys, agricultural, workshop and fishing equipment, etc.
  • Excellent injectability and good pumpability that allows its easy injection by all centralized lubrication systems.
  • Its calcium-soap base makes it insoluble in water.
  • Can be used for lubrication purposes in water environments.