Mission and vision

SOTULUB's mission consists in being active in terms of environmental protection and innovation, and using sustainable technologies to offer competitive products and services in direct response to market needs:


Used oil collection

  • SOTULUB is a steadily evolving company.
  • It is specialized in the recovery and recycling of used oils.
  • It also produces and sells regenerated base oils and lubricating mineral greases.
  • It carries out physico-chemical analyses on behalf of third parties.
  • It commercializes the SOTULUB patent exploitation.




Towards a greener Tunisia and a more fraternal company

The intertwining of industry and environmental protection is one of the prioritized pathways of sustainable development.

In light of its active economic fabric and its choices that perfectly align with the fundamentals of sustainable development, especially in terms of environmental protection, SOTULUB represents a consistent and perfect illustration of Tunisia's eco-friendly approach.


Turning recycling into a cutting-edge industry

Thanks to the conducive regulatory and environmental context, the recycling sector has turned, over a few years, from a small-scale sector to a cutting-edge industry.

SOTULUB aspires to constantly stretch the limits of the recycling industry, by permanently aiming for technological innovation and new skills development.


Increasing recovery rates

Innovation plays a major role at SOTULUB, as it is the key to optimized recycling techniques.

In order to increase recovery rates, SOTULUB has notably developed a bacteriological technique to process all its waste.


Saving available resources

In a finite world, the reserves of mineral resources are naturally limited.

Used oil-recycling makes it possible to cope with the exhaustion of these reserves and is, thereby, considered “the best way to exploit tomorrow's mines”.