SOTULUB: The Story of a Vision and Commitment towards a Green Tunisia

We cannot grasp the highly strategic scope of the action performed by SOTULUB since its establishment in July 1979 unless integrated within the historical process of the environmental protection policy in Tunisia.

SOTULUB's creation represents an absolute highlight of this lengthy process, even before ecology became one of the core foundations of sustainable development at the national and international levels.

In view of their devastating impact on the ecosystem if they were to be dumped in nature, and as their regeneration for the production of base oils was certainly an innovative and pioneering project back in time, SOTULUB came up with the idea of collecting used lubricating oils. However, the implementation of such a project required a substantial investment and, notably, adequate technical solutions combining, both, ecological and economic imperatives.

Tunisian engineers had, then, made it possible to take up the challenge by launching a pioneering company, rightly deemed to be a national pride and a fine jewel of the green economy whose reputation and expertise have transcended national borders.