Social and environmental responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility has been a constant concern of SOTULUB's policy since its creation.

SOTULUB's plant is located in the governorate of Bizerte. The latter offers a favorable space for social action and patronage in many sectors, including the environment, sports, culture, research, education and health. In 2018, more than 320,000 Tunisian dinars were allocated to social initiatives and activities.

By the end of each scholastic year, the company celebrates employees' children who have successfully completed their studies. Thus doing, it encourages, both, its new and older staff to take part in sports tournaments and competitions such as bocce, marathons, football games, etc., organized under the auspices of the "Organisation Nationale de Culture, Sport et Travail Tunisie (ONCST)".

Sports associations in the region are also offered financial support, including the "Club Athlétique Bizertin" and "STIR Zarzouna", in the form of subsidies provided by the company. The granted amount of money shall cover part of employees' accomodation expenses in holiday homes and hotels, especially during the summer. It also provides support to those of its staff wishing to perform the rites of “Umrah”. Excursions are often organized to help employees relax and discover the innumerable facets of the region. SOTULUB makes sure to offer a helping hand to its staff on various occasions, namely school start, religious festivities, certain feast days (circumcision, Eid, pilgrimage, wedding, sensitization campaigns, etc.). Donations granted to environmental and energy organizations and charities are estimated at 25,000 Tunisian dinars. A fairly significant budget is devoted on a yearly basis to carrying out reconstruction, refurbishment and development work for primary and secondary schools, dispensaries, etc. In this context, SOTULUB took charge, in 2019, of the project aimed at upgrading "Zarzouna" dispensary, with an estimated budget of 200,000 Tunisian dinars.


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