LiOH multi-purpose grease

A grease with a wide range of application

LiOH multi-purpose grease is recommended for a wide range of applications mainly for its price/quality ratio. This grease is basically manufactured from pure lithium soap to ensure its stability and efficient use.

It is available in several NLGI grades and different types of packaging: in 180-kilogram metal drums, 17-kilogram cans, 4.5-kilogram pails and 0.8-kilogram boxes.

SOTULUB makes sure to regularly improve its products in order to satisfy its customers.

Color Amber
Soap Lithium
NLGI Grade 2
Penetration 265 to 295
Dropping point > 170 °C
Type of base oil Mineral
Operating temperature -20 to +130°C
  • The LiOH multi-purpose grease is intended for the lubrication of plain bearings, camshafts, slideways and roller bearings operating under normal load and temperature conditions.
  • It can also be used in industry, public works, transport, agricultural machinery and in the automotive industry for the lubrication of needle roller bearings.
  • A high dropping point.
  • Good oxidation stability for continuous use up to 110°C and good mechanical stability under washout.